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Orman Guidance Consumer Insights Services


When you hear “Market Research”, what comes to mind?

One way mirrors.

Inquisitive moderators.

Perhaps the television series Mad Men. (We hate to break it to you, three cocktail lunches are no longer in vogue.)

And…what likely comes to mind is focus groups; the quintessential form of qualitative market research. If you haven’t been in one yourself, you probably know someone who has.

At the core, focus groups are discussions among consumers on a product or service led by a trained moderator. Focus groups affirm or challenge consumer attitudes, behaviors and preferences about products, services, packaging, messaging, and so on.

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The year was 1975. All across corporate America, a thin haze of cigarette smoke wafted lazily above the brisk clatter of typewriters. Correspondence was delivered by courier or snail mail. In many executive offices, a well-stocked bar was part of the furniture in case you ever needed a drink to work alongside your pen.
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