Research & Guidance | Full Service Consumer Insights

Research & Guidance is the most comprehensive of our three service levels. It builds on our Project Management and Facilities & Hospitality capabilities to fully design a consumer research study and cultivate specific recommendations for your business. We start with an initial consultation to determine how consumer insights can solve your business issues, design a research methodology around your needs, expertly manage every detail of the project, host the study or secure a facility in your target market, and then share actionable findings in our final research report.

Research & Guidance

Business-to-Business Consulting

When a new client approaches us with a need for consumer insights without a clear research plan, our first step is to consult. We offer business-to-business guidance on how consumer insights should inform your strategies. This initial consultation, which is free for all clients, includes developing an approach based on quantitative research, qualitative research, or both. We also consider target audience, target market, and budget. Through all of these decisions, Orman Guidance works hard to innovatively serve your specific goals. Finding the right consulting firm for you is highly important, you need to know that you are in good hands and are getting the right information. Researching into various areas such as consulting firms chicago, Texas, California, etc. can show you the range out there and which one is better suited to the size and scope of your business.

Statistical Analysis

We have the software and the human expertise to perform any kind of statistical analysis on consumer data. We can also compile and analyze secondary research, triangulating information from library databases, industry journals, and clients’ company documents.

Research Report

After gathering and analyzing all of the data from a consumer insights study, Orman Guidance presents detailed findings and recommendations in our research report. We share this final report in a formal presentation that explains not only what our consumer insights findings are, but how to use them to inform business strategies. Please review some of our recent case studies.