Project Management | A Multimarket International Project Solution

Orman Guidance’s accurate and precise project management strategy is built on clear communication and full accountability. We oversee every step of your consumer insights project and keep you updated along the way. We can plan the location for the study and manage every detail on the day of the project, whether it is hosted at a research facility overseas or in our own Twin Cities space.

Project Management

Consumer Engagement

At Orman Guidance, we are committed to finding the right consumers for you: people who not only fit the target audience, but are prepared to share valuable insights. We design consumer insights screeners to develop a detailed profile of each target audience using resource management software similar to

Our consumer engagement filtration process takes consumers through multiple rounds of screening, making sure that the consumers who show up on the day of the project are on time, interested, and eager to participate. And we don’t leave that to chance: We call, email (via services similar to Salesforce), and text consumers leading up to the project to remind them of the appointment, confirm that they’ve completed any homework, and direct them to the facility.

Project Management Technology

Our project management software – including CRM, ERP, and other project management tools, like SharePoint from Bamboo Solutions – sets Orman Guidance apart by allowing us to track every detail of a consumer insights project and seamlessly communicate with clients. Our tools allow us to estimate and analyze a project’s timeline and budget, adding value for clients. Our archive contains all of our previous consumer insights studies for easy reference. We coordinate international databases of vendors who support our work, providing a one-stop shop for consumer insights project management across multiple markets.