OMNI-VI™ | The Lifecycle of Humanized Research

OMNI-VI™ is an inclusive practitioner research model that gives you access to market research, the scientific method, design thinking, and data analytics from one team.

OMNI-VI™ is the iterative lifecycle of humanized research. Our team brings immortality to your business model through a continuous exploration of market and product barriers stunting growth. Research provokes movement, and movement is life – our results give life to your data. Your research is no longer a black hole of recommendations and good words. Together, we emerge over and over, like being born again, to discover, mature, and repeat.

Many consultancies circumvent research techniques to suit their own needs. We fit the appropriate technique into your business problem on the basis of equity. Your business problems, which we call business opportunities, cannot obtain proper equity without considering the full spectrum of intelligence seeking models. We call this OMNI-VI™. Track down Orman Guidance specialists for ultramodern research techniques and next-generation researchers willing to endorse a comprehensive index of specialties.

1.0 Discover

Our first step towards intelligence and wisdom is to apprehend current knowledge – then, descend towards the source of knowledge creation. Expertly mining mountains of information requires intellectual rigor, timeless training, and technology application. The Discover phase is an investigative system combining scholar and practitioner methods to quickly assemble precise and relevant information via scientific method scanning protocol. We term this primary research rather than secondary research – we’ll tell you why.

Experts at Orman Guidance predict market mega-trends before they are trends – anyone can spot shifts in society or an organization after they have occurred. Uncovering this data-type before it occurs is an extremely rare capability with a high return on profit that is at our and your convenience.

The Discover phase prevents redundancies, and it saves organizations from the misspent effort invested into research that has already been researched. We remove unessential activities, and we will tell you whether your business problem requires primary research or secondary research. This makes us unique.

2.0 Define & Design

Deliver reliability, credibility, and validity the first time in every project through Define & Design. This is the critical foundation phase when we build human-centered variables into the research design. We engrain emotive and intellectual factors to devise a plan that lives and evolves with the project. Envision this as our atlas towards new ideas, products, services, processes…or anything that we imagine.

This phase maximizes risk and minimizes purpose. We minimize risk and error with the protocol set by federal, state, and professional institutions so that your team is safe-assured we are protecting the people and intellectual property of the project. Minimum risk doesn’t mean that we don’t take chances. Be informed and prepared before going to the market to take a chance. Maximum purpose converts ideas to actualities, and it is made so, through our mission and objectives. We get purpose out of your mind and into the design.

3.0 Launch

Launch is a go. Planning is perfect, and we’re bringing everything to life. Project managers program software specific to the research project, which is the command center for all deliverables. Yes, we designed it – that’s rare. Researchers, project managers, and clients communicate through a single portal providing immediate access to project status and proprietary materials.

Notice that we incorporate data analytics strategies at this phase for two reasons. Reason one is we believe that it is pertinent to give our clients a deeper probe of the market through systematic data collection and analysis. Reason two is we believe that other companies are not doing this for you. The best-executed projects are those that discovered and designed through Discover and Define & Design.

3.1 Collect & Analyze

The heart of the human connection beats as our researchers collect and analyze intelligence for your existent possibilities. Collection and analysis activities are consecutive or concurrent but always systematic. Sometimes we gather and examine at the same time, while at other times, we gather before any examination occurs. In design thinking projects, we iterate this process with multiple cycles of collection and analysis to deliver a prototype.

Our team of researchers design or determine the appropriate research tool for the project. We, the humans, may be the primary instrument through which data is collected and analyzed, or we may harness independent technology platforms for both collection and analysis. Tools range from qualitative data analytics software, to quantitative and statistical software, to high-functioning algorithmic data mining programs. Your advantage is our safe-keeping of your proprietary information.

Whether we deploy market research, scientific method, design thinking, or data analytics techniques, we collect and analyze data upon theoretical models and practical lenses endorsed through the rigor of academic institutions.

3.2 Report & Guide

We were not hired to tell you what you already know. While the data may validate what we knew, our occupation is to comprehensively and selectively report the spectrum of knowledge directly pertaining to the business opportunity. You experience an accurate and clear interpretation of guiding principles for the next phase of business.

We don’t just call ourselves creatives and strategists and researchers. We have over 4 decades of practical knowledge with thousands of completed projects fulfilled by doctors and masters of sociology, business, strategy, and innovation, and grounded, artistic creatives with diverse orientations. The breadth of values and qualities results in deliverables that are brought to life in front of your eyes.

This is not our last stage – we have work to do. Report & Guide guides clients into Implement by intersecting research, people, and organization. The next phase of OMNI-VI™ knocks clients off their feet when they realize that Orman Guidance is the link between research reports and implementable strategies.

4.0 Implement

We produce implementable strategies to generate change in the entities that we investigate because our clients want the study to make a difference. OMNI-VI™ implementation teams deploy solutions to actualize recommendations. By showing and not telling, our strategy and innovation squad transforms the report into an organism that alters the current state of the organization – we innovate with you.

Implement is a hands-on technique for actionizing the insights. We transform products and services through multi-disciplinary approaches that weave together all realms of your organization. We help get your team on the same page to ensure that everyone understands implementation expectations.

5.0 Monitor

We monitor the implementation from the beginning by acting as your market watchdogs. Our Monitor team tracks the developed products, services, or processes by analyzing data and assessing audience behavior. Capturing and transmitting this information to key people in your organization fosters growth and sustainability. Prosperous non-profits and for-profits maintain their prosperity by the insights surveillance procedures administered by Orman Guidance.

Proactive monitoring reduces decision-risks and eliminates costs – Sold! Imagine you’re the person that must decide to eliminate or modify a product, service, or process. Now, imagine already having the right data. Imagine not having any data. You have the power to decide how your organization lives among other organizations that are willing to monitor.

6.0 Iterate

We spawn performance and productivity by iterating at the right time. Non-profits and for-profits restructure or rebuild their processes, products, and services over and over again through these iterations. It never stops. Iterate identifies the moments in time when your team needs to seize opportunities in the market or within the organization. We are part of your research and development team and your innovation team sensing when Discover can begin again.

Clients of Orman Guidance privilege our team with over 20 projects per year while other clients commission us at regular intervals. We’ll help you build and design a research and development plan that slips right into your business plan. If you don’t have an organizational plan, we construct a 3-year map of probable research projects and activities. Our goal is to set you up on your own so that you don’t need us forever.