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Methodology | Orman Guidance Methodology | Orman Guidance
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What Is Research?

Market research systematically gathers information about people’s desires, motives, and preferences. Some companies will use such things as a market research panel to help with customer experiences and expectations.

Orman Guidance leads qualitative and quantitative research:

  • Qualitative research explores the meaning that individuals or groups ascribe to a social or human issue
  • Quantitative research tests objective theories, examining the relationship among variables collected in research (check out this research brief template to learn more about it).
  • Mixed methods research combines qualitative research and quantitative research

We connect with consumers from the target audience:

  • In person
  • By phone, including one-on-one or group conference calls
  • Online, through social media, an online forum, or video streaming
  • Through mixed methods research, combining types of communication


Research Methodology

Orman Guidance is staffed by scientists: experts in consumer insights that can inform your business strategies.

Our research methodology includes ethnography, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and dyads:

  • Ethnography is the study of an individual or group of people in their own environment, drawing insights about their behavior and circumstances
  • Focus groups are discussions on a particular topic with participants of defined demographics, attitudes, or purchase patterns, led by trained moderators
  • In-depth interviews are one-on-one and specific to the consumer, with their answers determining the direction the interviewer takes
  • Dyads, interviews with two participants at once, used for products and services that two people make purchase decisions about equally
  • Mixed methods research combines two or more formats


The Right Study for Your Target Audience

The target audience you’re reaching and the information you’re seeking determine which type of study you will use. The specific studies we design and plan include:

  • Radio and television program testing, using surveys or focus groups to determine the audience or popularity of a show
  • Advertising testing or concept testing, an examination of the reaction a target audience has to ad concepts or approaches
  • Audience response testing, an electronic system that lets audience members provide feedback via a handheld device
  • Media and social media testing, studying media to understand how to best reach a target audience
  • Usability testing, putting a prototype or application in target audience members’ hands to observe how it is used and get feedback on how the design can be improved
    • Medical device testing
    • Website and mobile app testing
    • In-home use testing, asking participants from the target audience to use a product as any consumer would and evaluate it
  • Taste testing, in which participants evaluate food products, often by comparing them to similar products and usually with brand names hidden
  • Purchase decision process mapping, conducted in stores to observe the steps a consumer takes before and during a purchase
  • Feasibility testing, in which researchers analyze a business’s competitors and market demand
  • Benchmarking, a control source against which you compare the behavior or information you’re studying

Learn how Orman Guidance can serve your specific consumer insights needs.

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