Research & Guidance

We meticulously guide each study from start to finish, helping you co-create business solutions with your target audience. We combine proven research methodologies with flexible online and mobile platforms. Most importantly, we provide you with a clear recommendation for our consumer insights findings, translating market intelligence into the knowledge you need to reach your target audience. Click here for more information about our Research & Guidance service.

Orman Guidance Consumer Insights Services

Orman Guidance Consumer Insights Services

Orman Guidance Consumer Insights Services

Project Management

We plan each research study tactically, staying accountable and attentive to every detail. We communicate with you, the consumers, and our vendor support staff to manage specifics, including securing the research study location and preparing consumers to participate. When a study must represent multiple national or international markets, Orman Guidance acts as a single point of contact to ensure the highest performance and outcome. Click here for more information about our Project Management service.


I have been working with Orman since 1994, and always enjoyed Al Orman for his warmth and his wisdom. Rosemary Sundin has carried on his legacy by applying the highest standards to recruiting, client service, methodology design and much more. - Ellen Glatstein, Idea Greenhouse

Orman Guidance Consumer Insights Services

Facilities & Hospitality

Our three-suite facility in Minneapolis can be customized to fit any consumer insights project, and we collaborate with you to prepare the space for your specific study. Our facility offers viewing and recording technology and staff on site to confirm all your needs are met. We oversee every detail on the day of the research study, ensuring a positive experience for you and the consumers. Click here for more information about our Facilities & Hospitality service.

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