Project Management Methodology: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby.

Project Management
Oooh, I got memories to look back on, and more than 2,000 client company relationships to ponder and savor. Hopefully you’ll read on about how passionate we are at Orman Guidance to innovate marketing research to achieve insights that live beyond the data. Been groovin’ and improvin’ on that theme since 1975.

Now in our 5th decade of service, and, more than 10,000 projects later, the most important thing we learned is…

Project Management ain’t nothing without Process and Methodology.
Just like man does not live on bread alone, no company may truly move forward unless and until they make a fearless examination of their processes and drill down to document and achieve an understanding of WHO does WHAT. And WHEN, and WHERE. And WHY. And most importantly…HOW. That’s PMM, baby. Project. Management. Methodology.

I’ve provided but a glimpse of our processes in the visual above, but to boil ‘er down, our marketing research expertise revolves around the following phases: (1) planning, (2) build-up to add value, (3) team / vendor briefing and implementation, (4) consumer engagement and data collection, (5) day-of-project fulfillment, (6) raw data examination and analysis, (7) deliverable, (8) closeout and reconciliation, (9) client, consumer, colleague, and vendor feedback.

And away we go. Let’s work together. We’re ready to show you the next iteration of our tenacious team effort. It’s more than groovy. It’s logical, insightful, and most importantly, actionable. We welcome your comments and perspectives, and we thank you for reading!