Orman Guidance Market Research Participant

Paid Research Studies

Compensation amounts vary, generally ranging from $50 to $200 per hour. A two-hour focus group typically offers a $100 incentive. Learn more about the types of paid research studies you might be asked to join.

Orman Guidance will never divulge your identity, personal information, or individual opinions unless you specifically give us permission to do so. We follow the Marketing Research Association Respondent Bill of Rights.

Consumer Insights Research

The companies that work with Orman Guidance are seeking opinions from specific types of customers. Qualifying for a study may involve answering questions about personal information, such as work or marital status. Most paid research studies require us to find a representative mix from the geographic area, ensuring the opinions are from a variety of demographic categories.

Orman Guidance Market Research Participant

We seek out the best of the best of the best consumers for every study, starting with the ultimate respect for the consumer’s time.
~ President Rosemary Sundin

Orman Guidance Market Research Participant

Consumer Insights Clients

Our clients are national companies, government agencies, and institutions who know that listening carefully to consumers’ opinions is vital to their success. Typically, interviewers cannot identify the company or organization sponsoring the research. We often help clients with new products that must remain confidential until they are introduced to the public. Also, knowing who is behind the survey might bias the opinions you share. Interviewers only reveal the sponsors of consumer insights studies when doing so is part of their instructions.

Get Paid for Your Opinions

Sign up now and we’ll contact you when you qualify for one of our consumer insights projects. You can also learn about opportunities to get paid for your opinions on the Orman Guidance Facebook page.

Orman Guidance Market Research Participant

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