“Didja get my email? Didja, Didja, Didja?”

It’s Monday. And just like the start to every other workweek since email became the preferred method of sales correspondence, I wish I had a nickel for every “cold” email I receive in an average week.

You know the drill — the email solicitation pops in — and when you don’t answer it, sender of said email takes that as a signal to actually badger you — as if the sheer act of sending you the email somehow obligates you to respond. Not to be cranky…

I realize we’re all in “bidnez” to expand our network, make connections, and be of authentic service to one another.
Maybe, though, just maybe…we should narrow our marketing focus to prospects with whom we’ve made a connection that goes beyond the “cold” email.
I’d love your perspective about emails solicitations. Please help me understand how you answer all these unsolicited, email-sales-pitches.


[DISCLAIMER: the author of this post promises not to badger you into offering your opinions, experiences, and perspectives. She’s genuinely looking for ways to make “this” part of the week run more efficiently.]