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Refer a Vendor

Refer a Vendor

Orman Guidance has been a vendor, aka subcontractor, aka seller, aka supplier…of market research services for a looong time. We grasp the value of professional vendor services and express gratitude to our vendors supporting us over the years – since 1975! So – thank you.

Gaining new leads and sales is not an easy task. When it comes up in conversations, we strive to recommend the services and products of Our Vendors – that’s you. We ask that you help us too! Please let your colleagues know about Orman Guidance for our Refer a Vendor initiative. We’re damn good at what we do.

So, how do you explain “market research?”

Market research consists of the steps that companies take before they execute a marketing strategy. Essentially, they research the “marketing stuff” to improve the “marketing stuff.” Without validation of the marketing materials, businesses might go into a marketing campaign with content that doesn’t speak to their consumers. So, we help businesses connect with audiences. Makes sense now, right?!

There’s a lot that goes into our processes and procedures, such as research design and methodology, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods, research data analytics software, data aggregation and triangulation, international vendor management, standardization of the protection of human subjects, data privacy standards…are you still there? 😉 We’re rigorous scientists and academics as much as we are approachable, authentically engaged citizens!

The Orman Guidance SuperSquad.


Everyone from data scientists to market researchers, politicians to pop musicians, has been racking their brains trying to decipher and unravel the Millennials. Now that researchers have uncovered the unique traits of Millennials and their impact on the economic, social, and political landscape, it can only mean one thing…
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It’s Monday. And just like the start to every other workweek since email became the preferred method of sales correspondence, I wish I had a nickel for every “cold” email I receive in an average week.

You know the drill — the email solicitation pops in — and when you don’t answer it, sender of said email takes that as a signal to actually badger you — as if the sheer act of sending you the email somehow obligates you to respond. Not to be cranky…

I realize we’re all in “bidnez” to expand our network, make connections, and be of authentic service to one another.
Maybe, though, just maybe…we should narrow our marketing focus to prospects with whom we’ve made a connection that goes beyond the “cold” email.
I’d love your perspective about emails solicitations. Please help me understand how you answer all these unsolicited, email-sales-pitches.


[DISCLAIMER: the author of this post promises not to badger you into offering your opinions, experiences, and perspectives. She’s genuinely looking for ways to make “this” part of the week run more efficiently.]

Project Management
Oooh, I got memories to look back on, and more than 2,000 client company relationships to ponder and savor. Hopefully you’ll read on about how passionate we are at Orman Guidance to innovate marketing research to achieve insights that live beyond the data. Been groovin’ and improvin’ on that theme since 1975.

Now in our 5th decade of service, and, more than 10,000 projects later, the most important thing we learned is…
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The Future

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. ”
–C.F. Kettering

As independent market researchers who are passionate about bringing forth insights that live beyond the data, Orman Guidance persists in focused analyses of consumer behaviors and attitudes in industries, such as healthcare, education, finance, transportation. Companies who possess Orman’s full-bodied reports say they are better positioned for profitable scenarios because they arise from in-depth Research & Guidance studies of consumers’ desires.

Our President, Rosemary Sundin, recently sat down with Minnesota Business Magazine to highlight eight industry mega-trends for 2016. Here’s a preview:
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